Grupo Modelo - Re: Property Management 21 and PHB Title

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Offered $14300 for condo.They were commissioned by Grupo Modelo Mexico to arrange purchase of 50 units in USA for use of Co.

employees and guests. PHB was Modelo's designated escrow service. The deal required up front fee of $1,400. The deal required international wire transfer of funds.

Once we had signed their contract they threatened suit for breach of contract when I was about to back out. so I went thru . Big mistake. Last minute they demanded $987 more closing costs.

I Paid. I have a letter of congratulations from PHB Title stating "Total to be received by the owners $16,717". This to have been deposited first week of Sept. it is now Oct.

18. They won't answer calls.

They are very good, very smooth.We are suckers.

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